Time for another BMW X5 35d oil, filter and air filter change

Posted By on September 23, 2020

The weather has been just perfect for evenings in the garage or outside, so it is a good time to be checking off a couple of to-do list items – it was enjoyable.


Although I’ve been slightly overdue for an oil change, the Ravenol oil I have been using is high quality synthetic oil so I’m not too worried about excessive wear on my 2010 BMW X5 35d SUV. Being a diesel, the oil always looks dirty, but the expensive full synthetic European diesel oils tend retain their properties for a long, long time. This go around I’ve opted for Rowe brand 5W-30 full synthetic European diesel oil. It came highly recommended and was a bit less expensive and sold by a Volkswagen vendor from the TDIClubIDparts.


Unfortunately … once under the hood, there were a couple of unusual additions. First, a mouse (assuming) decided to added a nest to a warm spot under the plastic engine cover. Thankfully there wasn’t any nipped hoses or wires … just the largest under the hood rats nest I’ve ever seen. How in the world could this have happened on my regular driver?

Another concern is for the amount of gritty sand accumulating under the hood. I don’t even recall parking or driving in such a debris storm of sand?  I used the vacuum and some compressed air to clean things up a bit, but yikes … and I was under the hood working a few months ago in May???

No the front license plate on my car doesn’t say Trump 2020it was just a way of blurring the license plate – #photoshopped  (although I’m unsure why we do it?)


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