The best part about Inauguration 2021: Memes of Bernie Sanders

Posted By on January 22, 2021

CNNLightInWashingtonDC210119Not being an advocate for those advocating bigger government, higher taxes, progressive policies … or most Democrats in general, I was not looking forward to the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States this past week. In fact, I didn’t watch any live coverage and relied on the  news clips afterwards. I think it was the pre-inauguration liberal CNN commenter’s remark that made me ignore the day: “The light beams reaching out in Washington DC were like the extension of Joe Biden’s arms embracing the country.” Ugh!

Negativity on my part aside, I do wish our new president well in his term and his stated goal to unite the country. I do hope he can keep America strong and prosperous.

Senator Bernie Sanders “left out in the cold” on Inauguration day 2021

On the positive side, was any violence and there was a bit of levity with the sharing of Bernie Sanders memes after seeing him sitting by himself “out in the cold” (ironic?) I’m not sure how many memes there were, but his photo has been manipulated in practically every way imaginable. I thought the original was funny enough, but the creativity of people (with way too much time on their hands, as Brenda would say) was impressive.

The best one was the Cincinnati oriented Bengals meme (being a Bengals fan) … but it was outdone by a favorite TV BBT  comedy meme … although you might have to a Big Bang Theory fan to understand it.


Senator Sanders is at least making the most out of it … for charity no less (even socialists can do the right thing once in a while): Bernie Sanders puts mittens to work: Inauguration meme lands on sweatshirt for charity.


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