Tech Friday: Look what arrived this week – the Wyze Cam 3

Posted By on January 22, 2021

It was back in November when everyone was Black Friday shopping for gifts or ording Cyber Monday items … that is when the inexpensive security camera company Wyze, sent me an email about their new camera and motion detection subscription. At the time I was struggling with way too many notifications after the company lost their motion detection partner – it really does help with false alarms.


The promotion was  for their new WyzeCam3 and offered a free new pre-order camera IF I were to sign up for their motion detection subscription. Since I needed to do something anyway, I subscribed thinking the new camera could be used at the condo.

I had all but forgotten about the camera promo since the motion detection really seemed to help reduce fall triggers … but the new camera arrived this week. A couple thought after reading about the improvements has me thinking about where to install it since this new small camera is also usable outside (my current cameras are mounted inside and are used looking through windows … although like the Wyze Pan Cam monitoring the poolhouse garage). Hm, I may have to test at the front door?


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