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Posted By on March 5, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me about using Strikethru coding for a WordPress blog (or for that matter, almost all webpages) .. and of course it is a simple html code solution and is fairly easy … just add:


The html coding started me thinking about a few other potential problems since we are now often working “in the cloud” and on real time apps Strikethrupostedlike the Google Calendar. In the case of the later, Google has yet to offer a solution that I have found to “cross-out” an appointment or note. For most people, the option is to either delete or just leave in on the calendar and ignore.

BUT .. for me there are times I want to keep a listed appointment, but “strike thru” the text on the calendar … so I put together a Strikethru script and just copy and paste onto the correct date on the Google Calendar. It’s a work-around, but at least accomplishes the task.

  1. Copy text to cross-out from your calendar
  2. Open my Strikethru script (
  3. Paste the text in the box and click StrikeThru
  4. Copy and paste the StrikeThru text to your calendar (replace previously copied words)

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