Happy Mother’s Day: Revere, respect and honor your mother. Who knows how many days either of you will have.

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I probably should be quoting from Leviticus 19:3, but I can’t help but remember Ferris Bueller commenting that, “Life moves pretty fast …” when thinking about respecting and honoring mothers today. So for Mother’s Day 2021, focus your attention on your mother before it is too late … because from experience, “life does move pretty fast.”

My mom in 2010 and Brenda and her mom in 2015 (MomC and MomH)

While working through a couple of “How to Honor Your Mother” devotionals this past week, I caught myself reflecting on my mom and mother-in-law (BTW, that link above is a good one). They were both worthy of far more respect and honor than I often gave them, especially when I was younger (I’m sure that thought isn’t all that uncommon). As age crept up on us, I appreciated they love, prayers and wisdom more and more … and thankful am able to lay my head down at night without any regrets. For that, I thank the Lord for giving me enough time to wise-up and return some of the love, time and compassion they gave to me.

Love Mother unconditionally. We are to care for Mom no matter how she carries out her maternal responsibilities. Women will respond in various ways to their God-given role. But all children are called to love their mother simply because the Lord has placed her in their life.

Be attentive to Mom’s needs. Starting in infancy, a child is accustomed to taking from his or her parents. So it can be easy to forget that they have needs, too. Stop and consider what your mother might appreciate. For example, household help offered cheerfully is usually welcome. As Mom grows older, she may need assistance for her physical or emotional well-being. Some women desire only that their children express gratitude or care.

Live righteously. The greatest gift we can give a godly mother is to surrender our life to Jesus Christ (Prov. 23:22-25). Even a mom who isn’t a Christian will no doubt take pride in a believing child whose life radiates love, kindness, and charity.

Pray for Mom. Nothing is more practical than prayer. Talking with the Lord about your mother, both privately and in her presence, reminds her that she is important and loved.

The specific ways you cherish your mom will depend upon her personality and yours. But Mother’s Day isn’t the only time to show her your love and gratitude. Honor her every day.

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EDIT: A questionable screengrab photo of a Happy Mother’s Day FaceTime call between Mommie-Daughter Katelyn and our granddaughters Ellerie and Annalyn and Mom/Grandma Brenda for the archive. 😉


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