Tech Friday: Apple Magic Mouse scrolling extension ScrollMaps

Posted By on August 13, 2021

Years ago (2015) it was a struggle to get Apple’s Magic Mouse to play nice with Google’s Calendar app. Since I was not the only ScrollMapsone who had this problem, I shared a browser extension fix for Chrome that at one time I thought might be just temporarily needed (but it is still needed). It is called Google Calendar Scroll Disabler and works with the Brave browser as well.

So in that same theme, the Magic Mouse has a similar problem with the zoom feature on Google Maps. So once again, a fix in the form of a browser plug-in (this time I’ve only tried it with the Brave Browser). The extension is called ScrollMaps and seems to solve the zooming problem (see CNET article for more information).


Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t help with Lightroom, Aperture, or third-party Web sites that embed Google Maps.

Macs are widely used at Google, as is the Google Maps service. So, while I fear there are limits to what can be done given the mouse’s design and responsiveness, I hope at least that some improvements will arrive.



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