Tech Friday: Google Drive help with Delay Start app for Mac OS

Posted By on August 6, 2021

StartupItems210801For those setting up their Mac to automatically start-up applications  after rebooting the computer, using the “open automatically on log in” settings in very helpful. I have found that the programs I want running most are cloud-based data storage services, but it can also be helpful for apps you may just want running all the time … in my case a preferred browser window (Brave), “Stickies” (Postit like notes for the desktop), Copy ‘Em (extended clipboard app) and Parallels (VM Windows10 on a separate monitor) and the Parallels Toolbox.

After recently moving from Google’s “Backup and Sync” to “Google Drive for Desktop,” I’ve noticed that even when adding the application to the “automatically start” list that it will not launch. DelayStartAppleStoreSo to solve the problem, I’ve added a tiny utility called Delay Start which seems to solve the problem for now. DelayStart_GoogleDriveBy setting it to start on log in, the utility app will then delay the start of Google Drive for Desktop which solved the problem. I’ve been testing the number of seconds to delay, but even at 15 seconds it seems load just fine.

So if you are having problems automatically loading apps or cloud services on log in with your Apple Mac, give the Delay Start app a try.



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