Hopefully the new driveway drain will correct puddling?

Posted By on November 10, 2021


It may not be pretty, but hopefully the “fix” for the segment of driveway concrete that was poured when our driveway was replaced, without the proper pitch, will prevent puddling where the old and new concrete came together. We were not home to see the work, but after a cursory look (photos) on Wednesday morning, it looks pretty good.


We are still unhappy with the quality of work, the poor brushing and trying to beat the rain (damage to surface) and will likely have disagreement over our finally contracted payment amount. The company disappointed me several times in addition to the quality of workmanship and the cracking has already appeared:

  1. No cut-thru for a spill/pipe in rear on a previous slap that we talked about initially,
  2. refused to remove a stump or even contract a stump grinder after starting the project (I had to find someone to take care of this on my dime),
  3. damage to blacktop in the rear that they “said” would be taken care of,
  4. making me pay separate and out of pocket for the downspout drains that were clearly talked about
  5. and a quirky unmatched flare at the road that doesn’t remotely match our previous driveway or others in our neighborhood.


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