How many places do you call home … how about 11 in a lifetime?

Posted By on February 23, 2022

HomeFeetHeartInteresting tidbit: According to a post on social media (take that for what it is worth), “the average person lives in 11 homes in there lifetime.” It doesn’t detail if a college dorm is considering a “home,”  but if I eliminate them … I’m up to EIGHT that I call “a residence.” In pondering my future (it said “lifetime”) … I’m estimating there are 2-4 moves yet to make. Gulp.  It surprised me that I was even at 8 … and that ALL were in Ohio?

This has me wondering about my friends who have moved constantly due to job changes or from a life in the military (like my friends Mark and Dar who move more often that I change clothes – humor). They obviously punch up the averages. 


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