Talking Alaska and snowmobiling when I was a kid #TBT

Posted By on February 24, 2022

Last week I was talking to an online friend from Alaska about outdoor cold-weather activities who shared a winter camping photo.CampingInAlaska_Feb2022 He was complaining about the freezing rain and less than ideal weather this year on his 20 mile snowmobile trip, so he cut it short and drove to Wasilla to watch the start of the Iron Dog.

The conversation shifted to the the correct verbiage: snowmobile vs snowmachine … and which term to use. He commented that once you get to the Arctic, they call it a SnoGo.

The chat had me remembering growing up and enjoying winters on Lake Erie and only knowing them as a Ski-doo … which was the popular brand at the time (and may still be?) We enjoyed riding ours “with permission” on farm fields, the snow covered roads in our rural area of NW Ohio … and even on Lake Erie in front of our house (winters were obviously colder, the ice on the lake was thicker and it probably snowed more). Here is a Throwback Thursday #TBT photo “taken by MomC of DadC, my brother Ron, our dog Skippy and me for the blog archive. Good memories.

Snowmobile1970 2


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