Tech Friday: A new Shokz headset called OPENRUN is available

Posted By on March 25, 2022

ShokzlogoThose who know me likely have noticed that I’m often wearing an Aftershokz headset. I’ve worn them for the last several years and since my hearing has been impacted by Ménière’s disease way back in the late 1990s (long story) … in dealing with Menieres related hearing loss, I have found a bone conduction headset helpful … at least until I either need hearing aids (probably already do) or find out there is some kind of hearing implant that would be helpful for me. Until then, I’m very fond of both the quality and the helpfulness of Shokz headsets.


That said, the newest version after their name and logo change to “Shokz,” (from AfterShokz) has been reviewed and is a minor improvement OpenRunProto my current Aeropex version – the new headset is called OPENRUN (or a premium version called OpenRunPro).

They are nearly identical from visual look, but now have a quick charging feature, are IP67 waterproof and feature Bluetooth 5.1 rather than 5.0. If my current Aeropex fail, I’ll likely opt for the OpenRun since added bass is not really something I want or need … but wireless inductive charging would be nice.


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