Salvaged office closet shelves project and polished headlights

Posted By on September 6, 2022

Having a few extra “rainy” hours over the Labor Day weekend, I decided to tackle an office closet project that I’ve been pondering. The plan was to either build in a few permanent shelves with holes for wiring to primarily hold the electronic equipment feeding the TV or add a small shelf to replace the cardboard box everything is sitting on right now. It would also be a handy place for office supplies and to stack envelope boxes as well as reams of paper for the printer — I like to keep them out of sight but still not clutter up the closet as I’ve done in the past.

The recent plan was to use the cherry-finished shelves that I salvaged from one of the bookshelves we no longer need … and perhaps paint them?  I really hated the idea of slapping some latex paint on them and having heavy items stick and peel off the new paint (been there, done that) and I really didn’t want to go buy new oil or epoxy paint for “unseen” closet shelves. So instead I decided to make a rail frame out of some scrap pine and dado and keep the shelves as they are. The open sides will permit the wires to dangle through for the equipment and besides being two-toned, should do the job.  I’m hoping all my calculations will be correct and that I’ll have a simple shelf unit with zero dollars (and a lot of time) invested.

Also, the headlights on my 2010 BMW X5 35d have been bugging me, so used a little light-duty rubbing compound to take off the yellowed fog. Definitely could have used something a bit more aggressive (or replaced), but they look a little better than before.



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