And then there were 4: The NFL Playoffs continue this weekend

Posted By on January 27, 2024

NFL Playoffs Jan 2024

Brenda and I have been enjoying the NFL playoffs in late January from Florida this year and are looking forward to watching the final two games before Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024. This weekend America will be watching the Detriot Lions vs the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC and the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC. My hope is for the Lions to make it to the Super Bowl … as it has been a long drought

Walking the beach January 2024

Although the weather in Ohio hasn’t been as cold this past week as the one prior (which was below zero), it has been a bit warmer in Florida … and we are enjoying our escape from the winter and our walks on the beach. Brenda’s hip surgery (photos below) rehab is now really complete and the goal now is all about combating osteoporosis and building bone. We are hoping the next DEXA scan shows that the Eventity injections are working!  



Brenda’s x-rays on the surgical follow up on January 24, 2023


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