Tech Friday: A new iPad Wallpaper and fix the Harmony remote

Posted By on January 5, 2024

iPadOS17While watching a couple of college football bowl games on New Year’s Day, I updated my “everyday carry” iPad with a new family wallpaper photo — slightly enhanced above. It was an opportunity to tinker with the new iPadOS 17 gadget feature (see stock and weather at lower left) anyway but the wallpaper photo needed updating anyway. Drew took the family selfie photo on the gazebo as we walked around the neighborhood over Christmas. Nice … thanks, Drew! 

New iPad Wallpaper with Familyo Gazebo Photo

To keep this even more Tech Friday-ish, I also finally got around to updated the programming of the Harmony remote for our media room projection TV, Roku, Sony DVD player, audio receiver/amp and new TiVo branded Altafiber Fioptics+ Evolution Digital DVR. I work great again and even set up new combination Alexa routines! 

Newly Programmed Harmony Remote


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