Fuel prices: I-71 Sunoco Biodiesel and E85

Fuel prices have jumped this past week and a comment over at CinciTDI has me wondering if this is a short term trend or if it will continue into spring and summer. Psychologically, I’m finding my own personal limits are being challenged again, although I’ve come to accepted $2.50 for ULSD or biodiesel. (maybe it […]

Back to running some biodiesel after a long time away

Let’s call this a follow up post on tracking fuel economy (or “non-economy”) as I took the opportunity to fill the 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel with B-20. My station of choice between Mansfield and Columbus Ohio is a Sunoco at the I-71 exit 151 and has carried a variety of domestic renewable fuels including […]

Update on Biodiesel prices in Mid Ohio

When I drove my Volkswagen diesel, I regularly filled at this renewable fuel Sunoco station on I-71 in mid-Ohio. I haven’t stopped for a while and opted to fill my Honda Pilot (regular unleaded) there today and  checked biodiesel pricing. Although diesel is a few cents more than other stations around the state, biodiesel has […]

Ohio renewable fuel biodiesel price update

Belated adding of an update regarding biodiesel fuel prices from my trip to New York last week. This Sunoco is a favorite renewable fuel station even though I’m no longer driving a diesel vehicle. The current price is and has been higher than regular unleaded gasoline ($2.51), so it doesn’t bother me too much; the […]

Biodiesel B-20 price update

Filled my VW Jetta TDI with B-20 this week at the Mt Gilead I-71 exit 151 Sunoco and have noted that prices have worked back over $3/gallon again. Fuel economy the past week in mixed driving was 41.8 MPG. Taking a look at tropical weather it looks like a new storm is cranking up in […]

Mt. Gilead Sunoco Renewable Station update

Quick post to update renewable fuels pricing as high nationwide fuel prices inch back down from their highs. I paid $2.84/gallon for B-20 biodiesel; petroleum diesel at the truckstop across Interstate 71 was at $2.68. Unleaded regular was selling under $3.00/gallon at most stations from Cincinnati to Cleveland, Ohio this week.

Sprint Rev A expansion and biodiesel price update

After stopping at exit 151 on Interstate 71 this week, I noticed an improvement in the Sprint Power Vision data service while checking email. The higher speed data connection known as EV-DO Revision A, improves cellphone and data card connections to the Internet; this expansion is part of a nationwide improvement announced in October of […]

Gas prices higher than diesel/biodiesel today

Filled up as usual at the exit 151 Mt. Gilead I-71 renewable fuel Sunoco station (B-20 = $2.83) after noticing quite the jump in gasoline prices today. Many of the stations along the Interstate were at $2.99 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline as reports of low US gasoline inventories frightened futures traders. I […]

Biodiesel (B20) $2.90/gal in central Ohio today

I filled up my Volkswagen Jetta TDI on my way to Cleveland and paid $2.90/gal for B20 Biodiesel today, April 18, 2007. Fuel prices continue to stay high, although reports I have read suggest that they may roll back a few cents this summer. (we’ll see) The exit 151 Mt. Gilead Interstate I-71 Sunoco station […]

Biodiesel fill on a ‘foggy’ February day

The fog didn’t really disappear until about noon today during my careful drive up I-71 — no comments Tim. Thankfully by the time I was to exit 151, between Columbus and Cleveland Ohio, the sun was almost out and fog about gone. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the fog while driving since I […]

Biodiesel/E85 price update

Posting a Mt. Gilead I-71 renewable fuel pricing update this afernoon. The Sunoco station is an easy interstate on and off at exit 151. EDIT: Petroleum Diesel = $2.29; Regular Unleaded = $2.29 Diesel in Southwestern Ohio today 2/3/2007 is priced the same at gasoline. How long has it been since you’ve see that???

Pumping cold weather biodiesel

Here’s a little more on fuel, particularly biodiesel being pumped in colder weather. On my way home from Northeastern Ohio I stopped to fill my VW Jetta TDI at my normal stop, the I-71 Sunoco renewable fuels biodiesel pump. (see previous posts) It wasn’t all that cold (40 degrees Fahrenheit) but the B20 ran very […]

Central Ohio Biodiesel price update

I took a quick cellphone photo (Palm Treo 700p) showing the 12/20/2006 updated pricing at the biodiesel and E85 Ethanol Mt. Gilead Sunoco. The prices seem to be pretty stable, at least for biodiesel. The central Ohio station is located very convenient to exit 151 ramps on Interstate 71 between Mansfield and Columbus Ohio. Its […]

Filling with Ohio Biodiesel

Quick phone to blog post as I fill up my daughter’s repaired VW Jetta TDI with B20 at the exit 151 Sunoco. (damage to door) The new pumps at 6027 Route 95 Mount Gilead Ohio (for those with GPS) show E85 (octane 105) at $1.96, B2 at $1.59, B5 at $1.61 and B20 at $1.63. […]

Interstate 71 E85 and Biodiesel signage

Traveling north and south on Interstate 71 in Ohio, I’ve been planning to mention a ‘fuel’ sign along the highway that indicates the renewable fuel Sunoco station at exit 151. (photo) As I’ve posted previously, the station has brand new E85 and Biodiesel pumps and is very convenient to motorist traveling between Columbus and Cleveland. […]

New Ohio Interstate Ethanol/Biodiesel Station

I filled up this morning at a Sunoco station in central Ohio that offers clean alternate fuel to travelers on Interstate I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland. This station, as of September 2006, offers corn-based ethanol – E85 – and soy-based Biodiesel in three blends: B2 (2%), B5 (5%) and B20 (20%). Pricing is competitive with […]

Latest WordPress upgrade to 3.6 and plug in changes

It has been a few years since the automatic update from WordPress.org failed on my server … and only after the fact did I regret not doing a full backup prior to attempting the update (really, I’m posting just to see that all is working after the upgrade). After downloading the new install files and […]

Central Ohio November biofuel price update

Quick post from phone (photo edited) to relay the prices at the central Ohio Sunoco I-71 public biofuel pump at Mt. Gilead exit 151. As of November 1st … B2 – $2.59, B5 – $2.61 and B20 – $2.63. Current petroleum 15ppm Diesel was $2.57 while E85 Ethanol was $2.07 and gasoline $2.17.

Weekend trip to college and beyond …

We spent Friday and the weekend moving kids to college and tacked on a day celebrating my father-in-laws 83rd birthday in western New York. All in all was successful trip but it was a long weekend. While returning we stopped to fill up at the Mt. Gilead renewable fuel Sunoco station on I-71 (exit 151 […]

STS-118 Endeavour launch & B20 price update

The space shuttle Endeavour lifts off this late afternoon at 6:36PM (Aug 8th) with a crew of 7 for mission STS-118 to continue work on the International Space Station. It’s was a clean launch with good visibility for those on the ground and from my television vantage point, a perfect launch. The lead flight director […]

New Alternator and Renewable Fuel Price update

Tried to post this photo from the Palm Treo via Flickr, but it didn’t work this morning … hmm? Anyway, after filling up my Volkswagen TDI with some left over B100 at home ($2.50/gal – leftover from last year), I stopped at the Sunoco renewable fuels station at the I-71 Mt. Gilead exit 151. Price […]

Earthrace moves & Biofuel prices up again

Topped off with B20 at my regular Mt. Gilead Sunoco biofuels station today and can’t help but grumble as the prices continue to go up. ULSD was selling most stations for about $2.64 on my way north and saw them a little lower in northeast Ohio. Nevertheless, I’m not going to complain too much knowing […]

Mapquest helps locate alternative fuel stations

Mapquest offers a fuel locating (and pricing) tool linked to their mapping site. Its easy to locate the kind of fuel you are looking for using pull down menus and plugging in locations. (ie. biodiesel) Although the maps are not as functional (IMHO) as those independent “mashups” using GoogleMaps they do offer the traditional maps […]

McWherter’s Fuel Depot in Delaware, Ohio

I stopped at unmanned Fuel Depot’s biodiesel (B20) pump today in Delaware, Ohio (central Ohio north of Columbus) … and noted that prices are few cents higher than the more convenient Sunoco’s B20 pump. Price at the pump was $2.68/gallon to the $2.63 in Mt. Gilead. (exit 151 off I-71) Even though I’m considered frugal […]

Autumn Ohio sunset and renewable fuels

The rain and cold front passed, the sky cleared and the sun melted behind a scenic Ohio farm setting as I made my usual 4 hour drive home from Cleveland to Cincinnati last night. The soothing autumn sun set made for a relaxing trip as it disappeared behind fields of future renewable fuel. 😉 Fuel […]

Local Fuel Retailers are getting pinched

Above ground portable B20 pumps and tanks – BioWillie [clickable link] In the US, the mom and pop gas station is steadily being replaced by conglomerate ‘fast food’ stations, grocery/superstore fuel pumps or oil company owned convenient gas stations. Often times the old private stations are franchised or leased, and the renewals are no longer […]

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