Music Monday: “Ride Captain Ride” by Blues Image

| February 19, 2024

Today’s Music Monday here’s a SiriusXM Yacht Rock pick from the late 60’s rock band Blues Image and their hit “Ride Captain Ride” from 1970. The lyrics pretty much echo’s the band break up after setting sail and relaying that they are “never seen or heard from again. The Captain rides with his crew on a mystery […]

Music Monday: The Grass Roots and their hit “Sooner or Later”

| November 20, 2023

The Grass Roots was an American rock band that achieved significant success between 1965 and 1975. The band’s origins trace back to the collaboration of songwriter duo P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri, along with the involvement of Lou Adler.  For Music Monday, here is their 1971 hit “Sooner of Later” from “Their 16 Greatest […]

Music Monday: “Uncle John’s Band” – Grateful Dead

| September 11, 2023

“Nope” … I’m not really a Deadhead, but I do enjoy listening to some of the devoted fan’s music. Last month I save the SiriusXM channel clip to my phone thinking to myself that I should add a Grateful Dead song to Music Monday. So here is Uncle John’s Band, a song written by Jerry […]

Tech Friday: Thoughts on M4A vs MP3 digital audio formats

| April 22, 2022

The MP3 format for audio has been used on My Desultory Blog since the mid-2000s and I have contemplated a variety of other opensource options over the years. Compression choices to keep file sizes and streaming acceptable come and go and as we search for quality of audio and bandwidth for streaming becomes less of […]

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