My continued Palm Pre webOS grumbling, although with hope

Posted By on January 10, 2011

Well I’m not giving up on the HP/Palm and their WebOS entirely just yet as it does look as if there might be a few improvements in the new 2.01 operating system to keep me happy with my current Palm Pre for a little bit longer … if it is made available? Thanks to a quick peek at the “undo” feature of the new webOS by, there is another small but promising new “semi-hidden” feature.

I’ve been belly-aching about the slow release of improvements for my smartphone ever since the HP acquisition of Palm and have yet to have reason to be impressed with the new leadership. Towards the end of 2010 there was a glimmer of hope with the Palm Pre 2 and a new webOS … until I realized that the release was in Europe first … then in the US with Verizon and no announcement for Sprint – the largest Palm WebOS user base. Hmm, back to belly-aching.

For the record, I do like my aging Pre … and have found it functional, but rapidly slipping behind Android-based phones from several manufacturers and the attractive Apple iPhone with its many apps. There was a glimmer of light when the 2.0 webOS version was announced what seems like an eternity ago; it has been ‘oh so slow’ to find its way to even the beta users. In fact it was over a year ago in October of 2009 that I thought we would soon have flash video on our phones.

As for hardware, the Pre 2 (not even available in the US yet) is an improvement, but in my opinion is still behind the hardware and higher data speed capabilities being offered on other phones. I’ll give HP/Palm until the beginning of summer before declaring the Palm webOS based Pre 2 dead on arrival … or at least as dead as the Pixi. Of course that’s assuming that it ever comes to Sprint. (I’m semi-sensing – no information, mind you – that Sprint may be just giving up on Palm?)


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