Smartphones are making me rethink taking pictures

Posted By on August 23, 2012


I’m still amazed at the notable improvements in cellphone cameras since my Palm Pre was release a few years ago. Here’s an attempt (after a slight crop) to see how images look when a close up was taken with my wife’s new Samsung Galaxy S II Epic. I can see Brenda and I are not too far away from using smartphones as our primary point and shoot cameras.  I can guarantee Brenda is not going to be toting around the little waterproof Kodak camcorder anymore … a least for snapshots; we might as well leave it at the boat. I’m even wondering just how often I’m going to slog my Canon DSLR and bag around once I get a new phone … especially when traveling by plane?

Hmm, the desktop computer has given way to the laptop and notebook computer, the notebook to the ultrabook and in many cases the tablet. The walkman was replaced by the iPod which has merged with the PDAs and cellphones. Now those three have added the point and shoot camera and camcorder and are today’s smartphones … make multiple computers and tech gadgets obsolete. So why again is my computer bag so full? </p


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