Trying to reduce the number of snapping turtles

Posted By on August 10, 2012

turtle120808I’m not sure every enviro-type defines having large snapping turtles as problem, but we’ve lost more ducklings to turtles than I can count. In fact, of the 10+ years of ducklings that have hatched and were spotted swimming around their mother, I don’t think one has made it into the air? Each day the ducks would paddle around behind their momma … and then the 5 or 6 became 4 … then three, two … one and then just the mom. The next year, the same thing would happen again.

So over the years my neighbor and I have been trying to reduce the snapping turtle numbers … who knows how many we have? Today, one more is headed for the garden graveyard. Besides snapping for my fingers, he gave me the “evil eye” one last time before the trigger was pulled.
Sad smile


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