Celebrating our later than usual family Christmas

Posted By on December 30, 2012

It has been a busy end of the year, but spending the last couple of days with just the family was a great way to wind down 2012. We enjoyed talking, eating (too much), opening presents and watching a movie together – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer. (expand photo slideshow below).

Taylor has been home from college for a couple of weeks now and is enjoying sleeping in (probably what he does in college too – wink, wink), going out with friends (ditto)and did find time to still work some hours at JCrew. Last night he decided to go skiing at Perfect North, although not his idea of snow skiing. Katelyn and Drew have been working the hospital residency hours (aka: long shifts and crazy hours), but managed to coordinate their schedules in order to be with us for a couple days before flying out to Iowa – Katelyn is meeting the extended Oostra family before the wedding and is looking forward to it. After a couple of flight delays, they arrived in Sioux Center around 1 AM – brr, it was 2 degrees F.

And now for my treat … I’m back behind the wheel of Katelyn’s VW Jetta TDI … using the lame excuse that I’m doing maintenance – which I am, but really could have taken the Honda Pilot to the Autozone.
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