Politicians are treating the fiscal cliff like a game of chicken

Posted By on December 28, 2012

Those old enough and wise enough to know how the sausage is was made in Washington DC have noticed a change in recent years. kickthecanPoliticians of different stripes and philosophies are no longer coming together for the common good … and the lack of a leader (aka: POTUS) willing guide congress is shocking. Here we sit, moments from financial disaster and we are still no closer to an agreement … I at least expected another “kick the can” reaction? Do they all realized how many dollars and jobs will be lost if this Washington DC made problem is not managed or put on a corrective track?

We need to deal with this fiscal mess or at least begin the down payment that tells the world we are serious. Without pointing fingers, I have difficultly with those coming at this from the “raise taxes and spend more” approach and that with those showing little concern for our 16+Trillion dollar debt, our unfunded obligations (health and retirement entitlements) and the borrowing of 40 cents of every dollar — what are they thinking?

At the same time, conservatives need to realize that they need to negotiate (pinch their nose) and come up with the best agreement possible which will fend off a second recession, because without growth and Americans working, there won’t be enough earnings to collect taxes on! The blame game believing they can place the entire mess at President Obama’s feet is ridiculous – we all suffer.

For President Obama’s part … the arrogance of “I won” and his vacationing in Hawaii disgusts me. His unwillingness to address what he must know will hurt every American is hard to believe. Although I’m 180 degrees opposite from his left leaning agenda and centralized control of our country, I‘ve always  thought he at least cared for his fellow citizens … all of them (ok, so he picks and chooses) … but in this case we all suffer if the economy collapses. Does he really want to risk slow or no growth and a second recession (or worse) and not even attempt to deal with the longer term problems facing the United States? Frankly I’m ready to scream … the life of an expatriate is looking pretty inviting right now … but I’m holding on for some miracle 3PM deal. Cough, cough …

Narrower Tax Deal Floated as Lawmakers to Sit With Obama

WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders prepared for what was looming as a make-or-break White House meeting on the fiscal crisis Friday afternoon as top aides said they were exploring a scaled-back proposal that would prevent tax increases on household income of $400,000 or below.



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