Obamacare is on life support. It is time to pull the plug.

Posted By on December 28, 2013

2013 introduced us to the pain of what sold to America as the Affordable Health Care for America Act by the 2008 Democrats during President Obama’s first term. Instead of “affordable,” Obamacare launched with high premiums, high deductibles and far more frustrations for those who were already insured by their employers or paying for health insurance on their own. Not only has the Healthcare.gov launch gone poorly, but it has also pushed 7 million previously insured into scrabbling to find a new health insurance … often more expensive policies with poorer coverage than the ones that were cancelled.


Some politicians are ignoring the reality (or vacationing in Hawaii) trusting Obamacare will be fixed by even more executive orders or a taxpayer funded marketing campaign which encourages the young and healthy to sign up for pricey policies. Or perhaps they secretly believe Americans will beg for an even bigger government take over of healthcare (I’m waiting for the proposed single-payer solution to be floated by the left leaning Socialists)?

Next year we will receive even more eye opening  and painful news. Insurance companies will submit their new “shortfall” actuarial numbers causing politicians who voted for the Affordable Healthcare Act to claim “faux shock” that insurance premiums need to be higher, coverage more limited, reimbursements reduced and taxes raised in order to bail out the insurance companies who suffered losses selling unrealistic Obamacare policies … the ones many Americans were “force to purchase by law” and could neither afford or may not have wanted.

Excuses and deflection seems to be approach to date for the administrations’ many shortcomings and failures … but the blame Bush, the Tea Party, the obstructionist Republicans or Fox News excuse has become “see-thru” for all but the most partisan liberal hack. Neil Cavuto summed it up well in telling President Obama that the “smell is your law.” It’s time to pull the plug.


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