Late to the Throwback Thursday social networking trend #TBT

Posted By on December 18, 2014

BrendaMark1991I’m late to the Throwback Thursday social networking trend, but a “just arrived” photo of Brenda and her brother Mark before his passing is good excuse to start – they look too young for this to be 1991? (thanks for the photo Chris)

Besides the smiling sister and brother photo (he was a dentist), our niece Jackie, (Mark’s youngest) will be getting married this month. She has scheduled the wedding so her fiancé Ben will be on leave (Army) and I know she is excited both for the wedding and to see him. The ceremony and reception is a also a good time for the extended family to get together around Christmas. For us, that means both Taylor and Katelyn will be home (not sure about Drew’s schedule yet). With five different work schedules and long distances from Ohio, it makes it all the more challenging to be together around the holidays. Who knows, Taylor “may” have some work related news to share with us too???


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