A new Moen cartridge again and some paint peeling

Posted By on July 12, 2015

After a week or so away, it was time for a weekend of long overdue household chores. The grass was long (and a bit wet), the pool a bit green and the kitchen sink continued to drip … despite my ignoring it for weeks. The last one should have been relatively easy except I initially bought the wrong Moen cartridge. Nothing like spinning your wheels.

At first I though I might be able to rebuild the old, but no, they are not designed to remove and clean up with new o-rings. So finally picked up the Danco brand 8843E replacement cartridge for the Moen 1225. Of course figuring since I replace it “just 2 years ago” that I would remember the steps. Well I sort of did, except that I reversed the hot and cold water by putting the cartridge in 180 degree. Back apart again and eventually back together — water is flowing once again … but not dripping. Next time I might try to buy the brass Moen part and see if it can be cleaned and rebuilt with o-rings … if that part even fits the current kitchen faucet.

Speaking of our kitchen faucet, after cleaning the base parts when it was apart this time, I noticed the paint was coming loose and peeling off (chrome underneath — see photo). Maybe this can be touched up … but I was a little disappointed as I've always thought Moen a premium product and am questioning their quality.


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