Pandora celebrates 10 years with an ad free day on 9/9/2015

Posted By on September 4, 2015

Pandora has announced that it will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary on Wednesday September 9th and will offer those who are non-paying listeners with an ad free day. According to a Forbes article, free listeners still make up 95% of Pandoras’ active users and maybe hoping that a sample of what the premium paid-subscriber tier is like will encourage subscribing.


Pandora currently has about 250 million subscribers but only 80 million are active, according to the company’s own numbers. Of those, just around 4 million, or 5%, have chosen the $4.99 per month ad-free premium tier (and many of them subscribed at the previous $3.99 level). This ratio has been surprisingly steady throughout its history, and the service hasn’t proven that it has the ability to up the conversion rate.


My longstanding favorite Pandora Station is based on the music of Jackson Browne:



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