Catching up on the politics of running for president

Posted By on February 13, 2016

It has been a rough week for “establishment” candidates …both for Democrats and the Republicans. Donald Trump continues Trumpmaniato dominate the headlines and is capitalizing on the anger from those caught between the “new upper class and the new lower class” as the WSJ’s Saturday Essay commented, “in the plight of the working class” as they say. With news of another announcement of over 2000 middle America jobs from Carrier Corp and UTC in Indiana moving to Mexico, the Trump Train may comfortably tap into this anger and roll its way to the GOP nomination.

On the Dem’s side, democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has struck a cord and has many interested in something other than a Wall Street supported Democrat (ie. Hillary Clinton) running on their priniciple which traditionally have been favored by the working class. Who knows if a “socialist” can bring down the Clintion machine … I still have my doubts.



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