Babies … my nephew and his wife had a handsome baby boy

Posted By on March 22, 2016

BrunoRaySkinner160321I’ll keep baby Bruno Ray’s announcement short and sweet since I didn’t check with mm and dad first before posting on my blog. But my nephew David’s wife Rachel gave birth to a handsome little boy with a full head of dark hair. Rachel’s dad delivered her little bundle of love via c-section as planned and all are doing well. Nollie is all prepared to be a 4 years older big sister … at least until the annoying starts.
We stopped to visit them Saturday night in Kentucky and gave them our "late" baby shower gifts only a few hours before she was heading to the hospital. Rachel … and everything in the house looked great (I particularly liked their creative changing table building into the baby’s room closet … very creative and helps keep the small room size useful. Nice job David!)


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