How does your monthly smartphone bill compare to Ting?

Posted By on August 6, 2016

After years (30 years to be closer to the truth!!!) of comparing the best cellphones and carriers when it comes to device and service, I can finally say that I’m satisfied. Back in 2014, as our kids (and parents) moved on to their own plans, I switched our two iPhone5s to Ting. From day one they have done an excellent job as a ‘reseller’ carrier for our Sprint CDMA phones when it comes to customer service and pricing.


Yesterday the company announced that they would also be reducing data rates — very welcomed. If there was one bone left to pick, it would be that I still had to be focused on our data use each month … because even at $10/GB, it adds up fast. Thankfully we keep our joint use to under 2 GB most months due to the plethora of trusted Wi-Fi connections (traveling is the exception).

If you are thinking about a no-contract plan that bills you on the basis of how much you use each month, give Ting a try — using my referral link is also appreciated!



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