TechFriday: Some cheap components have arrived from China

Posted By on November 4, 2016

The pile of new electrical parts in my photo likely doesn’t mean much to those who don’t enjoy tinkering with computer and robotic projects, but for me a novice in programming computers gadgets, it is an chance to learn on the cheap.PiToys161102

With the budget Raspberry Pi and Pine64 computers, beginners of “all ages” have opportunities to write code and see more than “on screen” results due to their tinkering. Cheap components available everywhere make experimenting and coding rewarding and is something those of use who are getting older can do to keep our minds active. Those of us closing in on retirement age will likely never be productive programmers, or the next innovated Silicone Valley billionaire (who knows tho?), but there is a small sense of accomplishment to seeing a tiny LED light blink after your first breadboard circuit! Stay tuned as “mentally” I’m looking forward to having fun learning at this “new to me” hobby.


The above breadboard with LEDs is using the Pine64 GPIO 40 pins … but it is a bit trickier that using the Raspberry Pi. See Pine64 Pi Pinout chart.


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