How much longer will the Trump Rally last?

Posted By on December 5, 2016


The exuberance is everyway if you listen to the talking heads on cable business news shows as all but "one" component of Pres-Elect Donald Trump’s platform is good for business, jobs and the economy. Unfortunately it is the component that the media and Twittersphere is currently focused on … a 35% tariff on U.S. companies moving jobs and producing product overseas. For a Republican to use the heavy hand of government is a big deal … personally I’m hoping it is a threat that is needlessly being talked about IF a 15% corporate tax rate and reduced regulations get passed.

For now, the prospect is for U.S. growth since the climate for business and free markets is much better here than in Europe which continues their socialist drift and internal problems with refugees and ability to assimilate Muslims.

On of the more influential financial thinkers is the WSJ’s Stephen Moore, who is also on the Trump business and financial advisory panel on taxes. He comments that he could solve all of the above by "taxing on the consumption end rather than the production end." It is simple enough that it is worth giving it serious consideration since it would address a lot of today’s trade and monetary gamesmanship issues.


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