Tech Friday: Am I out of my mind upgrading to High Sierra?

Posted By on November 17, 2017

MacUpdated2HighSierraI have a perfectly functioning iMac and against my better judgement spent this morning upgrading the OS to macOS High Sierra (release about 1-1/2 months ago). Hopefully that was enough time for quick fixes because I’ve upgraded Macs too many times over the years and have often regretted the decision. Usually software and hardware requires upgrading or retirement, but so far so good a few hours in with this 10.13.1 upgrade.

The upgrade took about 1 hour and after a couple restarts (some my own and related to Parallels) and it "seems" to be ok? All the normal software, and desktop look I’ve become accustom to, looks pretty good … maybe High Sierra is a winner?

Since I mentioned failures for Apple operating system upgrades over the year, I’ll mention the big fails … at least for me upgrading. The first big frustrating upgrade for me was Apple OS 6.5 to 7 … what a struggle. The second was OS9 to OSX … oh that was a whopper of a change for me. I recall sticking with OS 9 for years as the change was such a monster. Looking back … the refinements have been amazing and not all that different than the personal computer competitor, Microsoft.

For now … I think High Sierra is a winner for Apple, so my advice is to do it!



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