Tech Friday: The Wayback Machine and Cincinnati Style Chili

Posted By on March 1, 2019

CincinnatiChiliThis is an unusual Tech Friday post, but after being frustrated this week in clicking a dead link to an article that disappeared after a website was updated, I decided there must be a better way to ensure information, links and websites remained useful … WITHOUT having to archive them entirely on my computers, servers or cloud spaces. Of course there is, but what I didn’t know is that with a virtual library account we can all contribute to archiving articles to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (previous post).

The test of the Wayback Archive waswayback-toolbar-logo to save a WCPO article and graphics about Cincinnati Style Chili that I found interesting — as an aside, instead of the expected German influence to this Cincinnati “cuisine” – for outsiders, I’m using the word “cuisine” liberally (noting that some call Cincinnati Chili “diarrhea sludge or garbage gravy”) — KiradJieffBrothersChiliit is really Americanized Greek Stew? 


LINK to the Wayback Machine Archive of the full WCPO article on 2/28/2019
based on the book Authentic History of Cincinnati Chili (American Palate)


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