Congratulations – 130 yrs for the Wall Street Journal newspaper

Posted By on July 8, 2019

The_Wall_Street_Journal_first_issueAs a newspaper oriented guy from years ago, I have a soft spot for ink on paper and digital journalism (started as local newspaper photog when in high school and worked for Knight Ridder in the 1980s). Even my eventual career path followed from what I learned working for newspaper companies. But as a subscriber, I have only continued to pay for one newspaper subscription over the long term … and that is the Wall Street Journal. Today is the papers 130 anniversary that’s a long time (click photo on left).

Thankfully for me and avid readers of the paper, they are one of the most successful newspapers. They are well respected (37 Pulitzer Prizes) and report  the “news” right down the middle when it comes to politics. The editorial side does lean conservative and remains the leading news publication for those who count on business and investment news stories.

Congratulations to all who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the Wall Street Journal newspaper and there online portal,’s success.

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