Accidents, newly stained fence damage and insurance pains

Posted By on February 23, 2020

HondaAccordIMG_16371Everything seems to happen when we (or I) am out of town. From the power out and a flooded basement to accidents in our backyard (well for a couple I’ve been home). The latest happened when I was in Florida working on the boat and a sheriff deputy came knocking on the door at 5:30AM frightening Brenda. Obviously he was just doing his job, but knocks on the door during the night or early in the morning aren’t the best way to wake up.



He drove her to our rear fence (see quadrotor video) and gave her his card and incident report number which I’m finally getting submitted to the Columbus Ohio driver’s insurance company (driver was ok) – for what it is worth, his insurance company, The General, has not been easy to deal with so far.


I’m still in the process of gathering quote for a relatively minor repair, which means the hassle is likely more the problem than the dollar amount of damages. I wish they would just cut a check and let me handle the repairs, but they want quotes not just photos. Oh well.


The bummer is that I just cleared the fence line, painted the fence and gate (below) last summer.



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