What to do with a piece of cheap tarp and a Sailrite Ultrafeed?

Posted By on November 15, 2020

On one of my sailing groups, a Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 user complained that the speed controller pedal was hard to regulate. I’ve found that to be true as well. Another person SailriteUltrafeedLS1_SpeedControl201101made the comment that they used a piece of flexible tubing/hose that gives the pedal a little more tactile feel … so I tried it. DeWaltPlanerCover201101Nothing to write about as the problem has more to do with the starting of the motor under sewing machine load than the pedal … at least that’s my opinion.

Since I had the sewing machine out and was  tinkering with this hack last weekend, I decided to use a piece of cheap leftover tarp (used when I covered hatch openings) and made a cover for my new DeWalt Planer. It works better than drop cloth or packing blanket I’ve been using.

EDIT: One of the problems in using the roller cart for the Sailrite sewing machine on the tile floor of the workshop is that the light weight pedal used to regulate the sewing speed slides around. So instead of adding weight and new stickier feet, I decided to make a little “pedal holder” to keep it from sliding under the cart or around on the floor. It works so much better to hold the pedal in one place when trying to gently control the speed.



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