Books: “Brave By Faith” – The winds have changed and appears to be blowing hard behind the forces of secularism

Posted By on August 24, 2021

BraveByFaithCover_Begg2021On Sunday night to escape from the distressing domestic politics of the day as well as the Afghanistan debacle … and partly wanting to get my mind on my faith and my attention on what I can control in life … I turned off the TV and put aside the pile of secular topical books that usually ends my day. I’m talking about books on a variety of subjects that includes economics, investing, history and politics from the pile that sits next to my chair (or on my ebook reader). Besides watching some television with Brenda (lately a Hogan’s Heroes DVD series for comedy sake), I usual read a couple chapters in the evening.

Exercising a little discipline, I tiptoed back into the Alistair Begg book I gave to Brenda in June on our anniversary. Also, since my daughter Katelyn is also currently reading it, I figured that I better finish reading the smallish book before she questions me further … and I should probably study the Book of Daniel a little bit too … which is the focus of “Brave by Faith.”

The question asked in the introduction … although paraphrased be me is … 
“How do Christians live in a society that is becoming increasingly hostile to our faith and Biblical teachings?”

Many of us appear to be completely overwhelmed by the reality that we are no longer a majority and our views are no longer considered acceptable or even expressible.

That is because the winds have changed … the prevailing wind is no longer at the back of the sails of professing Bible-believing Christians. Indeed, the wind appears to be blowing hard behind the forces of secularism.


I’m sure that I’m not the only one “overwhelmed” by how suddenly this secular change has overrun our country and seemingly become the mainstream. Alistair Begg mentions  “the old days of the Moral Majority .. have gone” even as I’m still a believer that there still in a “silent majority” in the US that hasn’t been heard … but I wish I had more confidence. 

We are entering a new era in which there is not only no social benefit to being Christian, but an actual social cost. In many places, culture is becoming increasingly hostile toward faith, and beliefs in God, truth, sin, and the afterlife are disappearing in more and more people. Now, culture is producing people for whom Christianity is not only offensive, but incomprehensible.



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