Tech Friday: Fitbit Versa smartwatch battery issue

Posted By on February 4, 2022

Let me start off with the positives. I really like my original Fitbit Versa watch. I wear it everyday and it offers me nearly everything I want in a fitness tracking smart watch.

That said, I have always been hard on watches … to the point I stopped wearing watches for years – for FitbitVersa220131decades really! The Fitbit Versa was no exception, I am hard on it. A quick glance at the face and bezel shows a lot of wear and after 2 to 3 years of everyday wear … and now the battery is no longer holding a charge either. The 4-5 day original time between recharging is now “about” a day … sometimes it is dead by the end of the day.

So I put a call into the company’s excellent tech support to ask about replacing the battery. Nope, they do not offer that option or recommend the “hack” on the Internet that do it. BUT … their customer service “so far” has been superb and passed my issue, after looking at the charging data (kind of invasive seeing my data), to their warranty department, although I doubt there will be any warranty coverage?

Since I’m comfortable with the Versa, it’s limited features and the data is tracks and provides, I really wouldn’t mind a discounted “older” version of the Versa .. the same that I have or maybe a Versa 2 with the “always on mode and faster processor” (they are a couple generations beyond the original Versa and now up to the Versa 3 and higher end Sense.) We’ll see what happens.


I’ve pretty much decided against buying a $30 battery and “trying” to take apart my Fitbit Versa to replace it — it looks a little too intricate for me.


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