Tech Friday: Apple Event and our WyzeCam3 picks up a fox

Posted By on March 11, 2022


Here are a couple of technology highlights to mention on a Tech Friday from earlier this week. First, the new driveway Wyze Cam3 set-up (moved it) picked up an evening fox whizzing by and FoxDrivewayCam_anithe second, an event on Tuesday from Apple announcing new products.

Personally, I’m not sure what kind of surprise was expected from Apple, but nothing really jumped out. I was attracted to the new iPad Air with the M1 chip starting at $599 … but it is not on my current “must have” shopping list. Both Brenda and I have aging iPhone 7s so it will likely be something we will need to replace this year or next. With the price of high end iPhones above $1000 now, the upgraded small iPhone SE with the A15 chip, improved glass and 5G connectivity is attractive. At a $429 starting price, it might be the way to go?


EDIT 3/13/2022: Adding what has now become a regular visit by our fox on the garage WyzeCam …


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