Earl’s Sinclair Gas and Auto Service Station – Toledo Ohio #TBT

Posted By on August 24, 2023

Earl Corbett - retirement from Haughton ElevatorWhile visiting with my extended family at my Uncle Sonny’s Celebration of Life earlier this month, a few of us exchanged phone numbers so we could better stay in touch. My cousin Dan forwarded a paper that highlighted my Grandfather Corbett’s Sinclair gas station and Earl’s Auto Service in South Toledo. It was interesting to see a photo of the corner that I mention on my blog before … but “looking so much nicer.” It is depressing to see our once great American cities crumbling without many residents taking pride in their homes and communities.

Thankfully there is a revival in some areas (proud of Taylor for doing his part in Walnut Hills / Cincinnati), but without getting too “left vs right” political, it is going to continue to be a tough go without a change in government, families, enforcement of law and order … and some traditional respect and moral values that were once common traits for being an American citizen. It’s not always about more taxes and and throwing money at problems.

Earl's Auto Service

Back to the ThrowBack Thursday #TBT part of this blog post. The paper did not have dates on them, but it did have a few hints from some of PanAm test routes July 1937the photos and events included on the pages. This did make at least the year decipherable: 1937.

The clue that attracted my attention was aviation and nautically related … of course. The Pan American Clipper III was making test flights across the Atlantic with one of the stops at Foynes, Ireland on July 6, 1937 — and here’s a photo from that day (Vanderbilt Cup Races). 

Clipper III in Ireland

This PanAm plane, a Sikorsky S-42B, eventually the Bermuda Clipper had an accident report and was removed from service on July 27, 1943.

To satisfy my own interest, I was curious as to the differences between the two competing “flying boats” — the Sikorsky S-42 and Boeing 314 — and ask ChatGPT to give me a hand.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the Sikorsky S-42 and the Boeing 314, two iconic flying boats from the golden age of aviation.

The Sikorsky S-42:
The Sikorsky S-42, also known as the “Pan American Clipper,” was a flying boat developed by Igor Sikorsky’s company in the 1930s. It was one of the first long-range commercial flying boats and played a crucial role in advancing transoceanic air travel.

  1. Size and Capacity: The S-42 was smaller compared to the Boeing 314, accommodating around 32 passengers. Despite its smaller size, it was still a spacious and luxurious aircraft, providing a comfortable flying experience.
  2. Range: The S-42 had a range of approximately 1,200 nautical miles, making it suitable for shorter transoceanic routes, such as flights between the United States and the Caribbean.
  3. Design: The S-42 featured a distinctive twin-tail design, which contributed to its elegant and recognizable appearance. It was well-regarded for its aerodynamic shape and advanced engineering for its time.

The Boeing 314:
The Boeing 314, also known as the “Clipper,” was another pioneering flying boat that revolutionized long-distance air travel. It was developed by Boeing for Pan American Airways and was a larger and more capable aircraft compared to the S-42.

  1. Size and Capacity: The Boeing 314 was significantly larger and more spacious, accommodating up to 74 passengers. It had a more extensive interior, including amenities like dining rooms, lounges, and sleeping berths.
  2. Range: One of the Boeing 314’s most impressive features was its extended range of around 3,500 nautical miles. This allowed it to undertake transoceanic flights with fewer stops, making it suitable for intercontinental travel.
  3. Design: The Boeing 314 had a distinctive streamlined design with a single tail, reflecting advancements in aerodynamics. Its larger size and increased payload capacity contributed to its role as a luxurious long-range flying boat.

In summary, while both the Sikorsky S-42 and the Boeing 314 were important contributors to the development of long-range air travel, the Boeing 314 stood out for its larger size, extended range, and enhanced passenger amenities. Both aircraft, however, played pivotal roles in shaping the era of glamorous and adventurous transoceanic flying.


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