My brother emailed a photo of our grandfather from 1966 #TBT

Posted By on December 22, 2022

Tis the season, to reflect a bit …  at least for me. I posted a few old photos last week, so when my brother sent me one of Earl Daniel Corbett, our grandfather, it seemed appropriate for Throwback Thursday #TBT. GpaEarlCorbett_HaughtonRetirement1966He mentioned  that he came across it at a Corbett family reunion and said it was from 1966 when he retired from Haughton Elevator (pdf); he was an “inspector.”  Ron wondered about the toolbox in the photo, but DadC’s (now mine) was slightly different.

We chatted that neither of us remembered him “younger” or seemingly acting younger … or with a smile like the one in the photo. Earl Corbett worked at Haughton for 24 years, that surprised me.


I did know that before working for the company across the street from their house, that he owned a service station (gas) at a the corner of Spencer and Prouty Streets in South Toledo (Google Streetview photo from 2018). It was next to their house (photo above) and that to support a family during the later years of the depression and World War 2, that working at Haughton Elevator provided a more secure income? Another interested tidbit from his obituary that I did not know is that he also operated a previous service station – although that makes sense too.

Ron’s text message:

In his obituary it said he worked Haughton 24 years and retired in 66, and it said he operated the service stations at two location prior to that.  So, dad wud have been about 13 when grampa started at Haughton, but he must have jointly run the service station for a while…probably had to lean on dad to help!

For the blog archive … the Ottawa Hills Memorial Park grave marker.



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