Enjoying a cool & clear evening, but reflecting on Irene’s impact

Posted By on August 29, 2011

balloon2_110829Late August here in SW Ohio feels more like an autumn evening; the air has cooled and the late day sunset very still. I do like this time of year and am trying to enjoy the moment (photo over the house on Monday evening).

Also I realize how fortunate we are not to have been impacted by the severe weather on the east coast. Residents are faced with the economic losses from a killer storm, which left at last count took over thirty lives. The damages to homes and businesses stretch from North Carolina well into Canada.

Hurricane Irene as seen from space … a big, big footprint.

A collection of photos below …

irene_auroranc irenedolphin_avonnc
Damages in Aurora, North Carolina and a dolphin being helped off a beach in NC

Hurricane Irene cut parts of the Outer Banks apart – Cape Hatteras, NC

Homes damage further north in Virginia Beach, Virginia

irenejerseyshore irene_newbrunswicknj 
Further north along the Jersey Shore left seawater and debris stretched for miles

irenehouseonlongisland irenewaveslongislandny
Long Island New York was hit hard as well, although Irene was downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a slow moving tropical storm. NYC was somewhat spared.

sailboat_irene_ct irenequebec
From sailboat in Connecticut breaking from their moorings, to flooding in Quebec … one can even find beauty in the devastation. (Sunset in Vermont after the rains)


* Photos were pulled from several websites … if a photo is yours, let me know and I’ll credit or pull it down on request.


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