Those Google Goggles may not be that far off?

Posted By on September 26, 2012


The Internet was down for a while yesterday (might have been my network issue) and realized I could no longer tether to my Palm Pre. Now that I have the iPhone 5, I’ve lost the emergency wifi connection that had come in so handy. Hmm, next best thing was to connect my Kensington bluetooth keyboard from the iPad to the iPhone … it took all of 30 seconds. So for the balance of the day cokebottleglassesI was at least able to send out a few email replies and even found myself even using it while sending text messages!

I feel like my computer life has gone full circle — I started with just a tiny green screen on a portable Compaq and then a small blue screen Mac SE, eventually adding portrait sized displays and eventually multiple monitors covering an entire work-surface. Then a decade ago something happened, I switched back to laptops and notebooks, and now travel with an iPad instead of a notebook. What’s next, am I really going to work on a 4 inch phone necessitating glasses the size of Coke bottle bottoms … or maybe Google Goggles?



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