Time to call Gary Gerber for lube and diesel oil advice

Posted By on May 23, 2013

firstbenzoilchange120522In keeping with a slow once-over on the new to me 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel, it looked as if the previous oil change was not a diesel specific oil … meaning that it wasn’t designed for the additional soot carrying and lubricating characteristics  often associated with compression ignition engines. Along with needing EIGHT quarts of oil, I changed the filter which is quite substantial compared to previous diesel  or gas vehicles I have owned – our ‘87 560SEL Mercedes included.

I was really just anxious just to get the old oil changed and wasn’t necessarily focused on oil brand, etc. – that will come after a conversation with my brother-in-law Gary Gerber who’s in the lubrication business. He sells diesel oils and has all the resources and contacts that will help me find an oil (and maybe a fuel additive) for an old 5-cylinder diesel. (previous posts)



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