Tech Friday: Cloud and sync storage called Cubby from Logmein

Posted By on June 28, 2013

cubbycdYou’re invited to Cubby by LogMeIn. Give is a free try.

After eliminating Sugarsync, filling up my preferred but pricey Dropbox, and keeping Microsoft’s Skydrive and GoogleDrive for mostly shared online docs, spreadsheets and PDF files, I’ve been trying out a few other backup and synchronizing services. This week I added a couple MyCubby folders (their name for a shared folder) from a couple different harddrives on the same computer, and besides what seems like a bit slower synchronizing speeds (??), Logmein seems to be offering one of the better services. The free verizon gives 5GB of space with larger bonuses for referrals (my referral link here) and can be used to synchronize folders between users or across multiple computers. For under $50/year, the paid service for one user offers 100GB of space (half the price of Dropbox).

I’m all for unlimited back ups with all those cheaper back-up services, but the simplicity of synchronizing and having copies of files on all connected computers while remaining backed up to the cloud is my preference. If I were comfortable with both the price and the security of cloud data (see who own your files), I’d opt for once giant “cubby”  or Dropbox folder in order to backup and synchronize everything on my computer in real time.


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