Favorite new-found music in 2014: Counting Crows

Posted By on December 31, 2014

The end of the year had me reviewing the limited amount of music A_Long_Decembersaved on my phone and posted to my blog posts in 2014. The primary reason was to purge songs that I no long wanted taking up space, but in-part it was also to remember why I saved certain songs.

After a quick review, I picked the “new to me” favorite musical item for 2014 as the alternative rock band Counting Crows and their song A Long December.  Although it was recorded on their second album, Recovering The Satellites, back in 1996, it did not reach my ears until May 2014. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprise to “like” something that was recorded 20 years ago? Instead of reposting the mp3 file, I’ll include a music video below. I am going to have to listen to more of their music next year, maybe even something newer?

  A Long December (mp3) | Counting Crows – 1996


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