The election season has started … like it or not

Posted By on February 3, 2016

Cruz TrumpWe may be proud to be living in a representative democracy, but watching the political sausage being made is probably as disgusting as going to a slaughter house to see the production of real sausage.

This past week kicked off the 2016 primaries with the Iowa caucus. After months of political speeches from the large field of GOP candidates (and three Democrats), Iowa voters picked their favorite candidates. The big showdown was between Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and Donald Trump … Cruz came out on top, but the big surprise was  Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) who score a big win coming in a close third. As they say in sports and politics … Rubio has the big MO.

Rubio tweet

The Democrats had their own knock down drag out battle between former Sec of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) as Gov Martin O’Malley dropped out. Clinton edged out Sanders by less than a percent after some “interesting” 6 coin tosses that went to Hillary Clinton — most declared the state of Iowa a tie. Personally I see Dems wishing they had another candidate.

Bernie Sanders should improve his position in the New Hampshire primary, but after that, most see Hillary Clinton running the table and becoming the Democrats nominee unless her emails lead to federal charges.

Sanders Clinton OMalley


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