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Posted By on March 15, 2017


It hasn’t even been two days, but I’m already longing to be back in Minnesota with Annalyn, Katelyn and Drew. Brenda and I were fortunate to have been DrewKatelynAnnalyn170312able to spend the first week of our granddaughter’s life with her, but that closest makes me even miss her even more. She is as my son Taylor calls her, “a little nugget” … and a perfect baby. She nurses well, take a bottle if needed and sleeps for a good 3-plus hours most of the time at night – and already loves her “Bompa.”
I’m sure my daughter and son-in-law would beg to differ on the sleep component, but from what I remember, having a baby sleep more than a couple hours at a stretch is a big help … especially for new parents feeling overwhelmed with a first child.


We were fortunate with our 12 hour drive up to Minnesota last week as we arrived before the snow began and then again on our Tuesday return to Cincinnati “just” after the snowstorm that crippled the northeast with up to 18″ of snow. The  midwest was “mostly” spared as there was a little snow on the ground, but none on the roads. Thankfully we drove because all flights were likely to be delayed … if not cancelled. (thousands of flights were canceled and those traveling by car in the east likely experienced slow white-knuckle driving). For us (or Drew), it was just a quick snow blower morning in Wayzata, MN followed by normal Minneapolis cold air … then the sun was out. Unfortunately I’m still dealing with a battery issue in the BMW X5 35d, but I did bring along my battery charger. To my surprise, I did find some biodiesel in Illinois for $2.40/gallon on our way home (fuel economy was 23-24 mpg for the trip).


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