So much fun babysitting Annalyn in NW Ohio this past week

Posted By on September 28, 2019


Brenda and I had a good time babysitting Annalyn in Perrysburg Ohio this past week and we enjoyed the nice weather by taking her to a park by the Maumee River. Playing on the swings, slides and “go to park” is probably her favorite thing to do. We went to a relatively close playground/park in Waterville on Thursday morning and talked about going to another one after her nap … but didn’t … and she disappointed when the afternoon got away from us and we ended up not going to another park in the afternoon. We better not make those comments next time.

EDIT: Couldn’t help adding a photo sent to me by Katelyn of Annalyn and her daddy — she loved running around in the basement with me last week playing “Supergirl” as I rolled the ball at her while I called her “Super Duper Girl.” She was so happy and having so much fun. There is no doubt having a good family and a little attention gives children security and a head start in life.


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