Simple mount in BMW X5 35d for Amazon Echo Auto

Posted By on October 12, 2019


It isn’t easy to see this little magnetic bracket I made to hold my new Amazon Echo Auto low on the dash of the BMW X5 35d. I opted to make a little aluminum bracket that straddles the EchoAutoBlur191005pushbutton switch blanks to the right of a few other buttons. It is fastened with automotive trim tape on two rails and several leftover neodymium magnets used on previous projects. The bracket was painted with some zinc chromate primer that I used for my aluminum aircraft parts and some leftover Rustoleum Hammered paint that I used on petite outdoor cast aluminum table and chairs – I barely had enough and it was going bad (keeping old paint fresh enough to use is a pet peeve of mine).

I’m saving back the Amazon included AC air vent mount and cord holder … just in case I want to put it in Brenda’s “new to her” 2010 Acura RDX or my old van … if I can figure out a way to connect to my old 2002 Honda Odysseywork wagon(no Bluetooth or 3.5mm plug – maybe a FM gizmo?)




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