Opinion: Do we know who the 46th POTUS will be yet?

Posted By on November 10, 2020

It has been a long week since the 2020 Presidential Election and I haven’t posted or commented on the vote or media reported results regarding several projections as to Joe Biden being our president-elect. For me, the tabulation of votes in key swing states is very close and election2020checklegitimately contested based on several questionable issues … so here it goes with an “attempt” to be reasonable and logical.

First, the United States is more divided than ever, but I personally don’t think it can be taken at face value based on a person’s or party’s political ideology. Those who hold left-leaning political views areas a whole not likely as close to the Marxist and socialist philosophy those of us on the right would have people believe. Personally, I sense a lot of people who voted “for” Biden/Harris really votes “against” President Trump … and have noticed a “few” in my extended circle of friends who are just excited to see a woman on the Biden/Harris ticket. A lot of people also vehemently dislike President Trump (ok, “hate”) and are convinced he has mismanaged COVID19 response and purposely divided America or are convinced he is a racist. I suspect a number of anti-Trump voters would have voted for “any other candidate.” Donald Trump without a doubt has fired up his enemies as well doing the same for his base. Unless you have been asleep for the last 4 years, that is pretty obvious.

It is my sense that many who voted “for” Trump don’t approve of Donald Trump the person, his tweets, his bluntness or his audacious personality … but are concerned with the rise of Democratic Socialists and their influence on the Democrat Party. Most voting for him appreciates how he has worked tirelessly to bring back jobs, better trade deals and has improved our economy. The “taking care of America first” has an appeal and resonated with those who felt forgotten by politicians regardless of the political party. The Washington DC establishment, the globalists, the think-tanks, much of academia and the shapers of thought in the mainstream media and social media want their leverage and power back – to me that is pretty obvious. Traditionally during election season, most politicians give lip service to the kitchen table concerns of working Americans, but very few ever follow through on their promises. They make to Washington DC and become “team players under the gavel of Congressional leaders” and prioritized political ideology and often lofty globalist issues. That aside, Donald Trump is also the kind of populist who can, like leaders throughout history, can rally fervor with the best of them.

How does the above relate to the current election results?

It doesn’t … but summarizes that with a tightly split and close vote as to why I think there is a possibility of more voter fraud and corruption than usual in our system. Hopefully, we will find out if it is enough to impact the result (usually it is not). My biggest concern is that the very close toss-up states have large cities which in the past have had political corruption when it comes to voting. The likelihood is that it may have occurred especially due to the contentiousness of the election. When the stakes are on the line, politicians mired in corrupt politics may have run fast-and-free when it comes to following the rules. For now, it is the speculation of irregularities around certain cities, preventing observers, huge numbers of mail-in and provisional ballots showing up late and changes in laws in the final months and days of an election as to when votes can show up. There is “smoke” but when 150 million national votes are separated by a few thousand in certain states … it is only prudent to be sure every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not. votingbooths

An aside: As for the above mentioned “changing of law”  … I’m referring particularly to Pennsylvania … and I’m on the fence when it comes to judges changing the legislature’s voting laws when it comes to accommodated late mailed-in ballots during COVID19. As someone who wants the Supreme Court to rule based on the law when it comes to who can change election law (legislature makes the laws) … I also am sympathetic to wanting legal votes counted when a voter mailed them prior to the election (although who really knows?) even if the USPS didn’t get them canceled/dated and to the board of election on time. I’m not sure how I would rule … and am glad I’m not sitting on the court.

For now,  I’m with the folks that say “let the legal challenges and recounts” play out before confirming the next POTUS … and wish we were more united as a country. Oh for the old days of saying, “it really doesn’t matter who we elect, all politicians who go to Washington DC … do a lot of bloviating … but get little accomplished for the American people.” (ie. 47 years of Joe Biden – ok, so that was a cheap partisan shot, even though it is true!)


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